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Operations Officer

This role is key to the success of our main annual event. Previous experience of event management is recommended and a significant time commitment. You are responsible for communicating with the licensing and event teams at the City Council prior to the event, the site layout and facilities, and ensure the safe running of the event in accordance with the HSE purple event guidelines.

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Voluntary unpaid, expenses only

What will I be doing?

What do I need?
Ability to work to strict tight deadlines, communicate effectively, working on your own and manage a small team. Previous event management experience and knowledge of event HSE rules & regulations is essential.

Knowledge of Premises, Food Trader, Street Parties and Alcohol Licensing is desirable but not required.

Please be advised that this role does become near to a full-time role in the 2 weeks leading up to the main annual event, this is due to the sheer volume of the workload and final meetings required with external parties including Oxford City Council SAG. It is important you are able to commit to this.

The benefits:

How do I apply for the role?
To stand for any vacant position you need to become a member of Oxford Pride. To become a member of Oxford Pride Group, please complete our membership form. At present our meetings are held online and members will be sent the joining instructions up to 24 hours prior to the meeting.

If you are applying for a role, please come to our meeting and tell us why you believe that this is the role for you - we'd love to hear from you!