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Accessibility Officer

We need to ensure our events are as accessible as possible and our Accessibility Officer is vital in helping make sure that this happens.

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Voluntary unpaid, expenses only

What will I be doing?

What do I need?
Ideally, familiarity with dealing with access requirements and supporting people with disabilities, mental health conditions or other additional needs, in either a personal or professional capacity.

The benefits:

How do I apply for the role?
To stand for any vacant position you need to become a member of Oxford Pride. To become a member of Oxford Pride Group, please complete our membership form. At present our meetings are held online and members will be sent the joining instructions up to 24 hours prior to the meeting.

If you are applying for a role, please come to our meeting and tell us why you believe that this is the role for you - we'd love to hear from you!